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playField. is a young art collective which explores the boundaries between actor and spectator. Through interactive installations they invite the audience to join a shared experience. From the first invitation to participation onwards, the unscripted dialogue between the audience and the actors, as well as the collective experience, are important for the spectators perception. The outcome of a performance therefore lies not only in the hands of its creators, the spectators are equally responsible in this matter.

playField. uses philosophical, sociological, data scientific, astronomical and mathematical research as a starting point to reflect on society and la condition humaine. playField. explores these topics by putting the focus on the spectator in a dramaturgy which combines reality and fiction.

Lana Schneider
Lana Schneider (°1991, Belgium) is maker, scenographer and visual artist.
Marthe Schneider
Marthe Schneider (°1994, Belgium) is maker, writer and actress.
Tim De Paepe
Tim De Paepe (°1986, Belgium) is maker, director and IT developer.


Our work revolves around various main topics, for instance, big data, the cosmos, the friction between different world views etc.
As a result, different groups consisting of multiple projects are created, groups of performances and installations that are connected and interplay with one another.
in our work we make a crossover between theatre, fine arts, new media and science. This results in immersive, interactive or participative installations or performances.

Big Data Trilogie

Big Data Trilogy includes the performances #1 HOLLOW, #2 BIAS and #3 RELAY. During the performances, the audience descends into the different layers of informatics (the communication layer, the binary layer and the technological layer). By doing this, the audience can reflect from top to bottom on the impact of digitalization in a society where technology is evolving faster than an average person can handle. Throughout this trilogy we want to give the audience grip on the hidden face of big data, that is unconsciously present in our daily life, and want to define the ethical problems that impacts an individual and, in the end, the whole society.

By several encounters with a stranger, first by letter, continued by chat, phone and video conversation, every audience member is encouraged to think about intimacy, personal space and privacy in relation to the use of digital communication tools. An experience that directly reflects on our daily actions. The context in which data is stored and in which context it is used, works in this installation alienating and reveals the volatility and elusiveness of data.
What is the value of our individual choices once they are part of a big data set? Nothing but numbers. In fact only ones and zeros. How can the individual choices of a spectator be reduced to what they are for a computer: a set of instructions that reveals our choices and in the end our 'identity'. Are our individual choices not necessary to distinguish ourselves from others? Or is the opportunity to choose nothing more than an illusion?
When scientists were looking for the cause of an interruption on the Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator, the first primitive computer, one of the operators discovered a little insect in a relay component. The first so-called 'bug' was the last living and analog resistance fighter against the evolution of the computer.


A.R.C. / A Real Catastrophe is a project containing several performances and installations in the public space of a city.

As a starting point we used the mythological story of the ark, a story that occurs in different religions and cultures worldwide and that is deeply rooted in our collective memory and whose symbolism is more than ever up to date.

In A.R.C. the spectator is invited to define and reflect on a new social structure in which our individualistic society is questioned and where the rumor from another world offers new future perspectives.

Our society seems to be increasingly opposed to the crumbling of the current world view. The emphasis is on 'preserving' in such a way that we forget to open ourselves to building other possible future images.
Oeverloos is an interactive performance for children between the ages of 8 and 12. Oeverloos is part of the project A.R.C (A Real Catasrophe) and is a performance that uses the public space as the stage to tell stories that open a window to another world.


Explore the world of human memory. PlayField introduces you to five performers. They share memories. Five perspectives and five personal histories emerge. Does any of it sound familiar? Slowly but surely the fragmented, personal moments compose a web of stories no one can escape from.
Experience live classical music in a completely new way! More than 50 musicians are following your movement through the concert venue, enabling you and the rest of the audience to reorder and shape the music being played. Feel the vibration of the strings, hear the breathing of the brass players and free your mind during i-Classics Empty Minds. Rather than leaning back you will become a part of a complete experience of music, fashion and video in collaboration with the South Netherlands Philharmonic, art collective playField and Fashionclash. Curious? Get your ticket now, be inspirerd and embark on a journey into a completely new world of music and art! i-Classics Empty Minds is a production by philharmonie zuidnednederland, in collaboration with playField, Fashionclash and Karmijnrood Podiumkunst.
Every organism is constantly in motion. It behaves and develops according to its own extremely complicated pattern. From the concurrence of all organisms, arises the big jazz where philosopher Alan Watts talks about: the human dance, the flower dance, the bee dance, ... In other words: everything is movement. Everything changes, moves, vibrates, connects, communicates, makes music, etc. Every object/subject that exists in our universe has its very own frequency.


You have the control button at your fingertips. You decide what happens on stage. PRESS Play emerges you in an interactive performance that plays with the wonderful/treacherous freedom of a virtual world full of hidden algorithms.

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