I Remember

I Remember

In I Remember, people from different generations and with different backgrounds weave their memories together, both before and during the performance.
 Slowly but surely personal moments in time start to become a web of stories of which there is no escape. What remains of our linear history, when it becomes clear that there is not one true interpretation? We can only try to merge all individual perspectives into one collective worldview. I Remember is an interactive puzzle that takes place in both the physical and mental space.

Memories are being collected digitally via the website as well as live during the performance itself. This creates a constantly evolving dataset of memories that act as the building blocks of a shared and developing story, a collective memory.

Contribute your memories!

People from all over the world are invited to share a personal memory on the website www.iremember.world. 

For many people living in an age of physical distancing and social solidarity there is more room for pause and reflection, and more space to look back at a time before all this started. Share your most beautiful, painful, saddest, most exciting, fearful, happiest, honest moments with us here (link)!

In this project PlayField wants to challenge people to step out of their western mindset and involve the "world citizen" as co-creator of I Remember . I Remember is currently being developed and will premiere at Het Huis Utrecht in February 2021. The performance will be presented and supported by Arenbergschouwburg (Antwerp) and Kopergietery (Ghent).

This production is made possible by:


FPK, de Vlaamse overheid, Arenberg, Het Huis Utrecht, Vooruit, Kopergietery, Victoria Deluxe.

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