PRESS Play (10+)

PRESS Play (10+)

You decide what you want to see on stage. Not what the boy next to you chooses or the girl in front of you. You can decide for yourself what the setting of the performance looks like. Or what will be said. Or to where the spots are aimed. Audience becomes actor becomes audience.

More and more we have the ability to create and direct the world we experience. Through social media we determine what we see, what not and how we want to see the world. More and more we think that we and the world around us are 'makeable'. That malleability entails a false sense of control and, above all, a great sense of responsibility: You can choose who you are yourself, right?
Or does it just seem that way?
Are we manipulating things ourselves, or are we being manipulated?
And what happens if it turns out that we are not the only one with a remote control?
Is there also a pause button?

In “Press Play” playField and KOPERGIETERY will explore the land behind all avatars. A place of hidden algorithms that secretly make us choose a direction. Time for fierce resistance?
Every performance of “Press Play” becomes unique in an exciting interactive way. It can only come to life at the hands of the children who are watching the play at that moment.
They have the power to collectively drop the virtual masks in search of real emotion.

Fast forward to a performance that interacts with the wonderful but treacherous freedom of the virtual world in a theatrical way!


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