Share your desires and dreams. PlayField brings RUMOR // Unfolding Futures to several cities to collect citizens’ hopes for the future. Enter the installation, make yourself comfortable, and talk. An AI continuously fuses all participants’ desires into one big idea. This transforms individual dreams into collective perspectives on the future. How much do people’s wishes vary? Where do they collide?

The residents of the cities where RUMOR // Unfolding Futures travels to are our co-creatorsRUMOR only exists due to their participation. Their involvement also helps to spread the word that something is going on in the city. The art project not only collects ideas, it also generates buzz as we speak – or how the mere presence of RUMOR can trigger a rumor.

RUMOR // Unfolding Futures asks questions. Is there space for individual desires within a collective dream? Or do concessions sometimes have to be made? Can artificial intelligence offer an alternative to democratic systems? Can technology become a tool to counter polarization?

Enter the installation. You hear a murmur of voices, but you cannot understand what any of them are saying. Then all voices go silent. Now the central computer generates one message composed of all collected entries. What does this sound like? What's the message?

 “It may start as a distant rumor, a noise outside your small world, or an unexpected intrusion within it… sooner or later your current world will change, the present season will end.”

– uit How We Are van Vincent Deary

RUMOR // Unfolding Futures has roots in the idea that an image of a different, future world clashes with our current one. A dream for the future is, in a way, also an announcement of change. But adjustment can feel rough. And what if it turns out that one person’s dream is another person's nightmare?


RUMOR // Unfolding Futures is part of the series A.R.C. (A Real Catastrophe) that consists of projects in the public sphere, inviting the audience to take a look at new social structures. Through RUMOR, playField brings together art and science in a sphere of co-creation where citizens meet.



RUMOR // Unfolding Futures will premiere in 2023.


A playField. production.
Concept and creation: Marthe Schneider, Lana Schneider and Tim De Paepe.
Scenography: Lana Schneider.
Text: Lana Schneider, Marthe Schneider and Tim De Paepe.
Voice: Marthe Schneider.
Interactive 3D environment: Lana Schneider and Helena Yankson.
Software: Tim De Paepe and Brainjar.
Scenery: Fisheye.
Communication and PR: Yasmin Van ’tveld.
Co-production: VIERNULVIER and Arenberg.

In collaboration with: VIERNULVIER, Arenberg, GUM, Het Huis Utrecht and  KAAP.

With the support of Vlaamse overheid and Fonds Podiumkunsten Nederland (FPK).

Thanks to Ellen De Vos and Jan Everaert.